Jun 2, 2017 by Aethyna

Introducing Osmo Coding Jam

Let your child learn how to code by composing their own music on Osmo's Coding Jam!

Osmo's Coding Jam offers a unique approach for your child to learn how to code through the fun activity of composing their own music.

By using the company's proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence, the game that's running on an iPad can turn the area in front of the device into a playspace where the game can detects specially-designed physical blocks. These blocks can then be sequenced by your child to create the tunes that they want. They could even combine different tunes from different instruments into a complete soundtrack.

Aside from the funny cartoons and variety of instruments, the game itself is open-ended and simple enough to grasp that a 5-year-old can play it, but is sufficiently in-depth and complex for a 10 year-old to master. Your kid can also share the music they've created with the game community, earn votes from other players to climb the Top Jamtastic Tunes Leaderboard, and even listen to and view the codes behind other music on the charts.

Interested? You can purchase the whole Coding Jam game set (iPad not included) at $59 on the website.

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