Games Educate Kids - Games Educate Kids is the one place online that aggregates and reviews all the interactive educational games targeted to kids, in one easy to use organized site.

Games Educate Kids, came to be because of a need, a desperate need to find online games for kids that were educational. The site was spearheaded by the moms at PiKoYa, a website developer specializing in online games, who didn't want their children to play online games void of educational properties. The intention is not to deny the children online playing time but to make the time spent, more effective. Game play has been proven to be the best way to learn. In fact it is when learning is a byproduct of fun that the lesson is best ingrained within the student. Online games are a great way to learn so how does a busy parent find them?

The parents we talked to wanted the best for their kids and were tired of feeling guilty about letting their kids play online games, especially those that required no skill or thought and possibly were even contributing to bad behavior. We thought, if kids are going to spend time in front of the computer or other device, we wanted to help parents feel guilt-free about the games their children were playing. The problem for parents was first finding these games, then weeding through all the games targeted to kids to find those that were truly educational and finally testing them for age appropriateness and educational value. That’s what we do here at Games Educate Kids, we find the games, we play them, we test them with kids, and we categorize them so that busy parents don’t have to.

Games Educate Kids is literally a gateway to educational games, that saves parents time and hassle by aggregating only those games that are deemed educational by qualified contributors, parents, teachers and even kids. Each game is categorized by relevant age group, skills required and lessons taught.

We encourage you to review the games too and add your comments to help other parents decide on whether the game is appropriate for their kids. We encourage you to play these games with your child and to add their comments to the game review as well.

If you would like us to review a game please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About PiKoYa Company

PikoYa develops Websites, Facebook Pages and Smart Phone Apps for various products, genres and markets. Their flagship product is NicheSites, a software tool that enables online marketers to produce, manage and optimize a portfolio of integrated websites.

Featured Games

Wizard 101 Wizard 101 Your child will be able to play as an up-and-coming wizard, explore a beautiful fantastical world, and meet new friends in Wizard 101. Petra's Planet Petra's Planet Petra's Planet teaches social studies, geography and culture within a virtual world setting. Webkinz Webkinz At Webkinz your child can adopt a pet and take care of it. Many arcade games are available too. Roblox Roblox Let your child unleash his or her creativity in this amazing voxel-based, building simulation game, Roblox. Spectacular Sounds Bingo Spectacular Sounds Bingo PBS Kids Spectacular Sounds Bingo makes it fun to learn the alphabet sounds (phonics). Club Penguin Club Penguin Children can explore the world with their pet puffle and discover games and new friends.


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